Friday, October 25, 2013

Olive is still alive!

Hey guys! Olive here!!

First of all, let me apologize for both myself and Cossy, we've been super busy this school year. Let me elaborate. Cossy is enjoying herself by being part of her school newspaper! And I am not-so-much enjoying myself by working at a local movie theater, and I use the term local lightly.  The difference between these two amazing experiences? I get paid for mine, and Cossy gets her name (REAL MIND YOU) published in a *school* newspaper!

Personal, I'd rather have my name put in a newspaper!

Besides working and school, I've also been preparing myself for college next fall. And if that one sentence wasn't clear enough, I'm old guys. I've also been taking a photography class. (My first EVER!) I have some pictures that are worthy of your sight:

Not only have I been working *very little actually* on my photography but I'm preparing for NANOWRIMO. yay! Yep, it's November again (in a week!), and I'll be working towards that 50,000 words while working on my ACT and working at like my job. Both are majorly required of me. I mean I could quit working at the theater, but I kind of like it. Plus I get free movies. ;) Nevertheless, I will get 50k this year!

I'm also am going to be doing some self promotion here for a sec. Sorry not sorry. I mean I updated you guys, right? RIGHT??

I recently opened a photography shop, on the lovely etsy, and did some test prints! My first 3 buyers/testers are actually happy with my pictures, imagine that! But no one is actually buying anything. People have said, 'Oh I love that picture, I'd love to buy it' and then they don't. Which I don't really mind, but could you at least pretend to order!

Anyways. I'll leave the links after I show off a couple more pictures and then you guys can continue ignoring me. :)

Please keep in mind, that Cossy and I love you readers dearly. We miss blogging (well I do,) and we hope to be back up and running soon!