Friday, November 25, 2011

French the Llama it's Been a Long Time!

If you know where 'French the llama' is from, you are my new best friend. If not, PM me. So! Sorry we haven't posted in what... two weeks? Yeah, my bad. I feel terrible. For two weeks, you've had to stare at that thing I posted that I still don't know the name of (if you do, comment or PM me, for I am curious). And I apologize for Ollie and myself. Updates, I guess.
NaNo: I have failed. And not even epically! I know, there's five days left, but I've still failed. My goal, as you may remember, was 10,000. I only wrote like 23 or 2,400. I haven't written in like a week. :( But I'm gonna write after NaNo, then I have this whole master plan for next NaNo and I WILL GET MY BOOK PUBLISHED!!!!! *evil maniacal laughter and hand twirling* Maybe. I mean, I can get it published, but you never know if people will buy it. Great. Now I've just put myself in a sad mood. Poo.
Life: My kittens got fixed last week. Very sad, yet hilarious. Aowyn (bottom, belongs to my brother) has a plastic cone, so when she came come, she stuck to the walls and got her cone stuck on the edges of things. It is very funny. :) Now the other one, Lucy (top, belongs to my mother), has a moldable fabric one or something like that. Here are pictures:

Now, to me, Lucy looks like a prissy lizard. You know, those ones who have those flare thingies that go up to ward off predators or something?
...I had another topic, but I got distracted and now I forgot! Stupid brain. :( Well, that'll be my post for today, hope you don't kill me. So, everyone, be good, write, and have fun!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Whatever these things are called.


Laughing so hard I fell out of my chair and landed on my poodle named George.

Not that I actually have a poodle named George. But if I did get a poodle, that's what I'd name it. 

Thursday, November 10, 2011

It's a Change Up!

Lots of things have changed. If you might've noticed, we have a new icon. If you look in the place where you put your URL's for Interwebz things and stuff... there's an icon! Our dear Ollie made that. And another thing. I should really post it in my writing page... you know what? I will! Go there to find out what I need to tell you all!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Post, for Today.

Sorry that we haven't been posting a lot. You know, we've been real busy with NaNo, school, being sick (yes, I still am!). Stuff like that.
Olive's amazing. She does so much, puts up with so much, she just does it all. She's done so much for this blog, and I wouldn't be writing this part without her. Thank you, Olive.
Now, for an excerpt of my NaNo novel:

   They were beautiful. The first page had several little drawings on them, but in full detail. The first image Cody observed was that of a blue jay, lightly colored with colored pencil. It looked so real that when he ran his hand over it, he expected to feel feathers and hear a squawk. He emitted a low whistle as he scanned the other drawings on the page, then turning to the next, which was a delicately half-drawn rose. He ran his finger over the blood-red of the petals and the dark green stem. He thought the intricately drawn thorns would poke him, but they didn’t. He flipped another page to find the most beautiful drawing of them all.

A late poem and Word Counts

i worry
over think
my place
i only
what is best
i should
just give up.
i see that
you are happy
and wish
you could see
how lonely
i feel
so deeply
i know
that if i
were to die
you'd cry
and i
want that
so i suck it up
and i smile
but dont
be fooled
i'm a
wreck inside.

Word counts -
Cossy - 2500
Olive - 7006

images found online - poem by olive.


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Guess Who?

Yep, it's me! I am back! Camping was fun, a bit. But it was freezing. In the mornings, in the middle of the day, and especially at night. Cold as heck. And guess what I got out of it? I'm sick. Sick. Sick, I tell you! I have a runny nose, coughing a ton, and I feel like crap! I came home yesterday, and had enough energy left in me to go to my brother's last football game. They lost, but who cares. Now, I'm sitting here early in the morning, complaining to you all. Maybe I should explain my word count, since I've been gone for the past 4 days. Oh, wait, I explained that in my last post. *facepalm* See what being sick does to you? *sigh* I'm just gonna go, get some rest, watch some 90210. :) Guh bye! Have fun today, and don't get sick!
-Costello freaking Shields

Friday, November 4, 2011

Word Count Update

Word count update time! -

Cossy - 1506
Me - 5136

Also another update -

We will be more active with our posting after NaNo! We have big plans in the near future so be sure to stay in touch with us and our insane blog here!

One more thing -

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!!!! We love you!!!! <3