Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Post, for Today.

Sorry that we haven't been posting a lot. You know, we've been real busy with NaNo, school, being sick (yes, I still am!). Stuff like that.
Olive's amazing. She does so much, puts up with so much, she just does it all. She's done so much for this blog, and I wouldn't be writing this part without her. Thank you, Olive.
Now, for an excerpt of my NaNo novel:

   They were beautiful. The first page had several little drawings on them, but in full detail. The first image Cody observed was that of a blue jay, lightly colored with colored pencil. It looked so real that when he ran his hand over it, he expected to feel feathers and hear a squawk. He emitted a low whistle as he scanned the other drawings on the page, then turning to the next, which was a delicately half-drawn rose. He ran his finger over the blood-red of the petals and the dark green stem. He thought the intricately drawn thorns would poke him, but they didn’t. He flipped another page to find the most beautiful drawing of them all.

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