Thursday, July 25, 2013

TWO ROADS Cover Reveal!

Hey guys! I know it's been awhile since we posted last, but I think I was just doing that to build up suspense! ;)

This is the first time we've ever done anything like this, so I'm nervous and excited! About a month ago, I did a Q&A with my friend L.M. Augustine, who wrote Click to Subscribe, and now he has a new book coming out in August called Two Roads! Here is the blurb for it:

"The only person poetry-loving Cali Monroe hates more than herself is Logan Waters, the geeky kid who lives in the dorm building next to hers.

Ever since Cali's parents told her she would amount to nothing, she has felt entirely inadequate. Friendless and alone, she takes on the mean girl role in hopes it will make her feel better--and Logan serves as the perfect target. He infuriates her with his obnoxiously long lashes, his all too perfect dimpled smile, and his complete lack of personality outside of his intelligence. It doesn't hurt that he's part of the reason her brother is dead, either. So Cali hates him, and he returns the favor. Thus, their prank-filled, insult-driven rivalry is born, and torturing Logan quickly becomes the highlight of her life.

But when Cali's parents set them up on a blind date, she begins to realize Logan might not be as boring as she always thought. He shares her love of poetry, takes a sadistic pleasure in making fun of crepes, and he makes her blush when he calls her smile pretty.

And hey, maybe those long lashes of his aren't that obnoxious after all…

Two Roads is New Adult Romance about finding love, standing out, and learning to embrace who you are. It contains some language and mild sexual content."


Okay. Calm now. Are you all ready for the cover? 

I flailed to death when I saw it.

I mean, it's pretty freaking great.

The person who made it did a really good job.


Okay I'm just stalling. READY. THREE. TWO. ONEEEEEE

BAM! Isn't it beautiful?! Wowie. What a cover. What a story. What a guy. L.M. is who I want to be in my next life. You can add this book on Goodreads here, and you can add L.M.'s first book, Click to Subscribe, there! Reminder! Here are the places you can find him:
Hope you guys enjoyed this, and I'll see you next time! :)


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Update Nano

Hello everyone! Olive here.

I know you're all probably getting tired of hearing from me, you all are used to Cossy, but you'll get over it. :)
Today is a small post, considering the fact that I should be writing, but I'm not. This is pretty much going to be a small update for both Cossy and I, and how our Camp NaNo's are going so far.

Olive ~ word count: 3405 pages: 27 chapters: 5
            so far it's going. I think my characters bonded a little bit too soon, but it's workable. Finally figured out how fast I want it to move along, so it's actually going a tiny bit to slow for me, but it's at a pace where I don't feel like it's problem after problem, it's problem, time, problem, time, problem. At least, I think it is. 

Costello ~word count: i don't even know i'm not keeping track
            I've decided to not write anything this Camp. I tried, but it just wasn't working out. I'm working on rewriting and revising the novel I wrote back in November, which is slowly going. It needs a lot of TLC, but I think it'll turn out okay in the long run. I'm also using Scrivener, which is an incredible software and I like it a lot. You can download the free trial here, and if you participate in Camp this year and win, you get 50% off the software when you buy it, making it only $20! 

Write on, my friends, and happy Camp Nano!

-Olive and Cossy

P.S., we're almost at 4,000 page views! That's insane! Thank you to everyone, and make sure you spread the word! :)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Q&A With L.M. Augustine!

Hi guys! Costello here. I recently talked with a friend of mine, a newly published author. Allow me to introduce to you L.M. Augustine! His debut novel Click to Subscribe hit the e-book shelves in May. I asked him a few questions about his book and writing.


What encouraged you to start writing?

L.M. - I always loved reading and so one day, I just decided to go for it and start writing my own stories. It took me a while before I began writing seriously, but there was no trigger for me other than waking up one morning and deciding it was time to finally write a full novel. So it was reading other people's books that encouraged me to write my own.

How old were you when you started writing?

L.M. - I think I was about six! I wrote a story about an epic battle between fruit and vegetables at the time (don't ask) and it was awful, but it was tons of fun to write.

Do you have any writing role models?

L.M. - I have always been a fan of authors like John Green and Cornelia Funke, and just recently I've been inspired by Colleen Hoover as well!

How does it feel to be a published author?

L.M. - Well, I was hoping it would give me superpowers, but that didn't happen. It feels great, though. It's nerve-wracking, but it's a totally amazing feeling to know you have a book out in the world and some people are reading and enjoying it.

What do you do to deal with Writer's Block?

L.M. - I just take a break. I used to try to fight through it, but it only made both my writing and sanity suffer, so nowadays I either take a break from writing the book for a few days or I skip to the next scene and come back later. It has worked well!

Tell us about Click to Subscribe, your first published novel.

L.M. - The blurb is:

135,789. That’s how many subscribers sixteen-year-old West Ryder has on his web vlog series. But he only has eyes for one of them. 

As one of the internet’s most prestigious video bloggers, West talks about high school relationships under the name “Sam Green.” As far as he knows, no one from school, not even his best friend, Cat, has seen his videos. But the highlight of the whole thing is Harper Knight, who comments every day at exactly 2:02 in the afternoon. He doesn’t know anything about her aside from the occasional deep philosophical messaging on why pizza tastes so delicious, but as stupid as it sounds, he might be falling for her. So when they finally agree to meet in real life, West’s hope for romance seems more and more in reach. But that all changes as soon as he arrives at their meeting spot and sees Cat walking toward him, wearing the same “I *heart* Sam Green" T-shirt Harper promised she'd have on.

To his alarm, West realizes he is falling in love with the best friend who has always been a sister to him.

How long did it take you to write Click?

L.M. - Only a few weeks, actually! I'm a naturally fast writer and Click just flowed. It took me a month afterward to do revisions and everything, of course.

Do you find you write better during the day, or are you a night owl?

L.M. - I'm a total night owl! People say you're more creative when you're tired, and it totally rings true for me.

Do you have any tips for young writers?

L.M. - Start off writing a book or so purely for yourself. You don't want to rush to try and get your work published right away, and I've found that writing some books just for yourself helps you hone your craft and learn about both your stories and writing your abilities. Then, once you write a book you feel especially confident in, get critiques on it, maybe query agents if you want to go that route, and slowly work toward whatever your ultimate writing goal is, publication or something else. Basically: don't rush it. Do what works for you.

Do you have any tips for writing romance?

L.M. - I'd say don't try to force it. Romance in real life shouldn't be forced and neither should it in books; make sure you have a natural progression and the characters' romance feels true to themselves and to the story.

What do you hope to get out of your writing?

L.M. - Ideally, I'd like to make a living out of it--doing what you love as a job sounds pretty incredible--but for now, I'm just so happy to be able to write the stories I love and have a few people who want to read them, too.

Do you write while listening to music? If so, what are your favorite noveling tunes?

L.M. - Yes! I love Gone Gone Gone by Phillip Phillips.


And there you have it, folks! Thank you Liam for doing this, he's absolutely wonderful! Also, I've read Click, and it's a really great read. You can find his blog here, his Twitter, his Facebook page, and his Goodreads page for Click!  

He's selling signed print copies as well, for $9.99 + $3.99 shipping (USD), but he's only got twenty at the moment, so hurry! 

We're also helping out with the cover reveal for his next book, Two Roads, a NA fiction, so stay tuned for that! ;)

Hope you all enjoyed this! We may do more, if we find more authors. Until then!