Saturday, December 31, 2011


It's been awhile, hasn't it? Not much has changed. I have a tumblr now! Here's the link! Enjoy!


Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Turn, I Suppose!

Mmm, caramel. How do you say caramel? Do you say caramel? Or carmel? I'm not sure if there's a difference... if anyone knows, can you let me know?
Now, the reason is say it's my turn, is Ollie dearie has posted a photo post, so I thought I should do one too! I did take a coupla pictures yesterday, but they're on my camera still. And my batteries are dead. And I don't have any more batteries. And if I did, I wouldn't get them. Because my camera is all the way in my room. And I'm not in there. Oh my goodeness. I have the worst... non-shaky-ness ever! I was trying to take a picture of this one flower yesterday. And it wouldn't work!!!!!! My hand would keep moving, and I would make the picture all blurry. I must've taken at least twenty pictures of one flower. And I didn't even get a good one! Well, not the good I think is good. So, I should probably get to the pictures...

That last one is a picture of what I'd look like if I was a little cartoon anime thingy. So those are my pictures for today... Bye!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Some photos~

Here you guys go! Love Olive~

Sunday, December 4, 2011

A poem from Olive~

oohhhh! I havent been on here in a while, but thats going to change here soon! Here is a poem, in till I come back...tomorrow! Yesss! =D

I’m sorry

If this hurts you

But sometimes

I have to let it out.

The pain


Been on

My heart.

It isn’t you

I promise.

It could

Never, be.





To find


In this huge



Even though

I’ll be gone

It doesn’t mean,

That I

Don’t think

Of you.





Not enough.



You put me



I’m sorry

I must


But trust me

When I say

That this isn’t

Good bye.




‘See you soon.’


Saturday, December 3, 2011

And Even Longer Still

This post is for our few viewers left.
   I will not be on the com a lot anymore. Feel free to blame my mother. NOT. But she is saying that after November, I would need to spend less time on the computer. Apparently, it is 'unhealthy' for a kid like me to be on the computer for so long. Wow, I typed that sentence very fast. But yeah, back to the topic. I won't be on as much, so these posts will be less and less frequent.
   On another note, I realized something.
   I realized how utterly insignificant we all are compared to the rest of the universe. How utterly insignificant our world is compared to the rest of the universe! Look at it this way; Say the universe is Horton the Elephant (form Dr. Suess' well renowned Horton Hears a Who), and our galaxy is the little puffy flower thing. And our Earth is the tiny speck that is Whoville or whatever. You know what we are in this? We're the dust specks on the people of Whoville. That's how small we are compared to the rest of the entire being of... everything. You know, there really isn't a word to describe something bigger than the universe, which I think is much smaller than everything else out there. Want to know how I realized all of this?
   I watched TV.
   Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, to be exact. Four minutes and forty-two seconds in, and I realized all of this. Well, not the Dr. Seuss analogy, but how insignificant we all are. I told my dad all my discoverings, and his downer button got flicked. He went on to tell me that Stephen Hawking is a nut, full of great ideas but some are just plain stupid. I don't know. Something like that. But whatever. I like Stephen Hawking. To watch Into the Universe with Stephen Hawking, just go onto your Netflix, and look up that, and it should be a 'Watch it Now'. The first episode is aliens, and I really need to finish it.
   Today, I'm going to a library. To help, because my school is very stupid and requires us to do community service. Then, after I don't know how long, I'm going to a party. And my brother and I will be the only kids. Such a bummer.
   I never did remember that last topic I had on the 25th... This sucks.
   As I am gone, I encourage you to go to Youtube, and watch the vlogbrothers, two brothers (the famous author John Green and his musically inclined brother, Hank Green) who only communicate through YouTube videos they make. Have fun, and DFTBA!

P.S., I was really hoping to end this post with DFBTA, but no. I have an announcement. Our dear Olive has won NaNoWriMo! Feel free to congratulate her by commenting in this post, PMing her, or some other type of communication that I have forgot to mention. And congratulations all you other NaNoers! You spent 30 days writing your hearts out, and you did fantastic. You not have won, you may have, but the fact of the matter is you tried, and that's the best thing. You are all amazing, and keep up the awesomeness!