Saturday, December 10, 2011

My Turn, I Suppose!

Mmm, caramel. How do you say caramel? Do you say caramel? Or carmel? I'm not sure if there's a difference... if anyone knows, can you let me know?
Now, the reason is say it's my turn, is Ollie dearie has posted a photo post, so I thought I should do one too! I did take a coupla pictures yesterday, but they're on my camera still. And my batteries are dead. And I don't have any more batteries. And if I did, I wouldn't get them. Because my camera is all the way in my room. And I'm not in there. Oh my goodeness. I have the worst... non-shaky-ness ever! I was trying to take a picture of this one flower yesterday. And it wouldn't work!!!!!! My hand would keep moving, and I would make the picture all blurry. I must've taken at least twenty pictures of one flower. And I didn't even get a good one! Well, not the good I think is good. So, I should probably get to the pictures...

That last one is a picture of what I'd look like if I was a little cartoon anime thingy. So those are my pictures for today... Bye!

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  1. Dear Cossy,
    You've won the liebster award, so congrats!
    Go here or my name if that doesn't work.


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