Sunday, July 31, 2011

Funnest. Sunday. Already!

  Hey everyone! Do you all like the changes to the blog? I know I do. Thank you, Olive! So, I've already had a pretty fun Sunday. I got a new pair of sunglasses, my brother got a pair of Harry Potter looking ones, I got a box of Captain Crunch, I got a new pack of pens, it's just all so much fun.
  Unfortunately, I'm leaving. in four days. August fourth. I'm going camping, and I should be back sometime around Sunday, so I'll still have my Sunday post. I'll be posting my Thursday post, early, so look for that. I'll tell all of you about my adventures in my camping trip.
  So, Camp NaNo ends today. Well, midnight. I didn't officially enter, just did a version of it. And failed. My goal was a measly 10,000 words; I didn't even get there. I stopped at precisely 6,538 words, which is also the farthest I've ever gotten in a story. I stopped early in the second week. I'll stop whining to you guys.
  You know what I realized about myself? I always get my best ideas before I go to sleep and I'm always too lazy to get up and write them down, so I forget them the next morning. A good thing is my dad is going to teach me how to remember my dreams. It's a form of self-hypnosis. I'm super excited!
  Well, I guess I'll go. And not bore you all any longer. I also realized that our weekend posts are rather boring. Hm. So, bye! Have fun! Enjoy!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Okay! Saturday post!

Well I hope you all like the template! We should have it done even better in a few days! I dont have much to share with you today.

I let my characters roam free today(I write you know) and well....I scared myself because of it.

Um....Cossy wants a post so.....


....what do you guys like to write about?
Is there anyway we could make the blog better?
Do you guys like the blog?
If so whats your favorite part?
If you dont, what do not like about it?
Leave a comment letting us know!

I must run because its a bout to storm, and I'm a bit worried.

Vote! Today! Now! VOTE!!!

Hello everyone! Olive here! We are going to change up the blog template and we are thinking about chaging the title of the blog(poll on the side). PLease let us know what you think about all this! A new poll will go up once we are done working with the template!

Please! If you would like to guest blog PLEASE comment! We dont have many guest bloggers lined up to post so all offers will more than likly be used! Please vote on our poll and comment below to tell us what you think!

Thank you so much!
-Olive and Cossy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Kalc Here!

On Thursday morning, I realised that I had a blog post to write. So here is your blog post. Enjoy it before I throw lemon cake. (Then, enjoy the cake.)

Anyway, so now I'm completely blank on what to write. I used a camera for a very long time. The only problem? It's a video camera. So I wondered what I was doing here on a photography blog. Then I realised, it's the same concept.

To get a good photo is the same as getting a good video. You need high-quality camera, you need to make sure the light doesn't retract or reflect much, you need to find the best shooting position.

So now this post is going to be about lighting because that's the only thing I can actually write about.

The best lighting I find is natural. For some reason, it seems to work best. It makes stuff stand out, and it brings out natural colour and stuff.

Example: (taken with webcam 'cause I'm lazy)

Compare this one(natural lighting) to this one(artificial lighting)
Yes, I know, they're two different images, but you can see the difference

I hoped that, er, helped! (even though this is a bit random.)
Kalculator/Kalk/Kalc/Zena Amicus/Kalcy/Lemon cake ninja llama/

Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hi! Imma make this quick, as I have to get Kalc's post all ready for tomorrow! And I have to get some writing done, and I'm talking to two people who both happen to have the same's hard to remember whose who. These were the ones I took the other day with no flash. Natural as can bee as well.

Have a great day everyone!! <3
P.S. Dont call me Ollie! Only Ally can! *makes a face* I miss Ollie in remembernce.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Can't Think of a Name For This Post.

But, isn't that a name? Hee hee. Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I am very happy right now, because I'm not leaving NaNo! Long story. Maybe I should get to the photography. The first four are all pictures I took with my old camera, the one I was talking about in my first post. Jewels, eh?

Like those? And now for my Traveling Smoothie.


                   After. It's a Chocolate Moo'd with an Energy Boost from Jamba Juice! My favorite. :) And I tag Kalk from A Ninja's Cake!
So here's my tip. It is on slow shutter speeds. Or, whatever it's called. My dad uses it sometimes, mostly around 4th of July. It slows the shutter while taking the picture so it gives the picture a really cool affect. If I ever come across a pic or two of his, I'll put 'em up. Hope you enjoyed this very boring post! Bye!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! So I was going to give you some photos that I took the other day, but...I'm a bit lasy, and I kind of want to just get this over with want to write are some summery, stormy, and rosey pictures :) (This are NOT my best, as I took these about a year to two years ago)

It's blinding!!

And there ya are!....thats Cossy post 6 photos tomorrow then! Then we go back to 5? *headesk* I should learn to count. Have a!
Also I was tagged By Jay so here goes(do yours in your post Cos)
A bannah Mango it is. :) Your turn Cossy...make sure to tag someone!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Quotes + Pictures= Today's Post

Hi everyone who may or not be there. Judging by our stats, there are a lot of you, mostly from the US, and some in India, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom. Germany, and Maldives. Well, thanks everyone for viewing our blog and actually liking my stuff. I didn't think anyone would. :) So, *claps hands* let's get on with it. Today is rather special, because I am doing an extra picture and these aren't just regular pictures. They are all pictures I have taken, of course, but I used a site called Picnik, This site is very cool, you don't need to register to use it, but it does give you a limited amount of choices. For these, I used Create, and Text, and I found some quotes on the Internet. On one of them, the one with the pencil and book, that quote came from my dad, so please don't take it. Okay, here goes!

So, what do you think? Let me know in a comment please. But be nice. So, now for my tip. It is on editing your pictures. If you absolutely need to edit a picture, do so. Use that site I posted up there if you'd like. But if your photograph is perfect the way it is, why bother messing with it? In all of those pictures up there, I didn't mess with a single one and look how they turned out. That's all I have to say on the subject. Please remember that we are not professionals, and these tips are coming from our point of view, so don't quote us. Everyone, has a fantastic day or night or evening or whatever it is for you. Thank you for visiting our wonderful blog. If you have any comments on the site or posts, please post a comment. Or if you have any ideas and/or improvements for the blog, let us know. Thanks!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Ow. Ow. Ow.

  Hey everyone. Probably wondering about all the ows, huh? Well, I just got back from about five hours on my neighbor's boat. Well, it's not really his, it belongs to his company, he just has the pleasure of being able to use it whenever he want. He let us come; my parents, brother, his girlfriend, and me. I, foolishly, did not wear any sunscreen! Well, now I'm paying for it. My face is a red as an apple, have a major tan on my chest and my back, and as I am sitting here writing this it feels like I am still on the water in that boat, rocking away. It was fun. There was an island (well, little patch of sand above the water) in the lake, which surprised me because the water level was abnormally high. We went over to it to see what was residing there. Turns out, it was only old parts of a air conditioner or something.
   I am sitting here with Aloe plant bogeys on my face because my mom said that it would help with my burn. It smells horrible. But I still had a fun time! I can actually be tan and not whiter than a sheet of printer paper as I always say. Sorry to delay this post so long. Now I feel like Olive. :)
   Well, I guess I'll go. I'll be back tomorrow with some more of my pictures. See ya! Lobster out.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ollie gets a new sister...kind of.

Well I am very sorry this is so late, I got home around 5ish, and then went with my mom to her friends house and we were gone longer than 15 min. so, I'm kind of tired, but here is the post like promised!

I got up around 5, and after being awake for less than 15 mins, I was shipped out the door. I then sat for 4 hours(with breaks in between) stuck between my dog, and little sister. Now the dog we have is a black lab, so she is pretty good sized, a large dog. She seemed to always be moving. She would wait to lie down in till we were about 10 minutes into the ride(from a break). I'd share a photo of her, but I already have a bunch I am going to share so...Tuesday you shall get one. Remind me!

So after almost getting lost we finally get there. We went 4 hours(we got there about 11:15ish) in the car, 8 of us and a dog, to get another dog! This little pup, is a purebreed Great Dane.

Her full name is Lillian Epic. We had to keep the Epic part, because thats what's on her papers. But we are calling her Lily. :) Lillian just sounded better.

This is her daddy. He was like a giant bear!

This is Lily's mama, she went up to us, and then walked away. This is the only good photo I got of her.

I couldn't find one of Lily's sister, Emily, but here is Macey, who is 3 weeks older than Lily and her sister. (They are 6 weeks, we found out on the way home) Macey didn't really want anything to do with us, but she was soo sweet and nice! Her paws, were HUGE!

Lillian is big for a 6 week older, but you can tell she is only 6 weeks old. She was sitting with my little brother, and decided it was time to eat and started sucking on his ear! Let's just say, he was NOT happy! Lily is very sweet though, and it will be so fun to watch how she grows! I mean she is a Great Dane! She is supposed to be a tiny bit taller than our dinning room table!! Insane! But get this! You guys get to watch as well! (Through photos of course)

 To make this post come even later, Lily decided she needed to cuddle and is now on my lap, and needed water and out before I was even half-way through this post. But it's here. So enjoy!
-Ollie and Lillian

Not Who You Were Expecting, Huh?

 Hey. Sorry everyone. Olive couldn't make it today. I dunno why. But here I am! Sorry to disappoint you all. Stuck with me for another post. Boring isn't it? I would think so.
 So today is Saturday. But you probably knew that already. School starts for me in... 18 days? I think. 16 until my mandatory Back-to-School night at my school. I have to waste five dollars on a stupid planner that I'm probably never going to use. My brother didn't use his. My mom said I have to use mine. I'm writing this from the floor in front of my computer. Actually, I'm sitting on the brick next to my fireplace. I have a wireless keyboard I'm watching Juno with my brother and his girlfriend.
 I miss Olive. I know that it's only been a day since I've talked to her, but I wonder what happened to her. I'm tired. And hungry. Not really. Blah blah blah, I'm boring, I know. I guess I'll cut this  post short so I don't kill you all from my boring-ness. I'll be back tomorrow with a more... less-boring. I will be back! And more interesting! Oh, and thank you everyone who is following and all of the views. I hope everyone likes the blog! If you have any suggestions or comments on the blog or about it, post a comment! Share  your thoughts! See ya.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest blogger #1

Photograph:  a picture painted by the sun without instruction in art.  ~Ambrose Bierce
Hello it’s Mockingjay aka sweets1018 here from . And today I am here to give a photo or two that I took from my webcam, since I don’t really have a camera. And also a poem about photography. *Sighs* well here it goes.
A piece
A memory
Stuck forever
In time
Feelings of
Arouse in
Of me
Start to play
As I
This time
Of place
That has

And here's the two photos. And let's just say I'm not that good of a photographer.
A dog eyes view.
(Not edited)
And this is obviously edited.

And a tip that I can give you is, don't give up! If someone tells you, that you suck, don't let that stop you. Just keep going, there is a reason why you do enjoy it so much.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

We-e don't always see things the same-e

Hi! So before I show you my photos for Today, I wanted to thank our followers for following and commenting! We love hearing what you guys think of our work! Also, the title is from a song...I'm not going to tell you which one in till Saturday. :) These photos for today, I just sent into a magazine, so...I'm hoping the mag. likes these more than the other ones I sent in. Let me know what you guys think! Were these a good choice to send in? (It's for a nature thing in the Magazine.)

Today I took some photos....these aren't them, but I think just looking at them on the camera they look pretty good! I shall upload them tomorrow night, maybe! Also, Saturday's post may be a little late, as I have am going upstate for the day...I'll post pictures of my adventure up on Saturday...if you want. Let me know in comments what you think of the photos and if I should post at least 2 photos Saturday of my trip. It's love! You know you want to see what I'm getting up there!
Tip: *NOTE* I am not a pro at this, so please don't quote me! But be sure to try them out! *NOTE ENDS* (I don't have any tips, but here's an idea) You could try to focus on the flowers themselves, and/or the background and get only half of the flower(like I did in the last post)(I think photo2). You could blur the background or blur the flower and show off the background? I don't know, I'm sorry, I'm out of tips. *headesk* now I feel bad.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Little Things Called Blogs

Hey everyone! Costello here with another installment of, 'Costello and-' wait... this isn't my fictional TV show. This is a blog! A photography blog. What was I thinking? *facepalm* I came up with the title as I was listening to 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen (one of my favorite bands ever!). Okay, maybe I should get to what I'm really here for and save the randomness for the weekends. :) So! Here are five more pictures, almost all of them I haven't done anything to, except for the fourth one.

 Now for my tip. Find what you are most comfortable photographing. For me, I'm more comfortable with flowers and such because they're rather hard to mess up, as with people it's easy to mess up. I also like going close up, or getting in the flower's bubble. I like how it focuses on the flower and making the background all unfocused. Find your style. Those are my tips for today, and remember, these tips are coming from our point of view. We are not professionals, so don't quote us. Thanks! Hope you liked them!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to shine!

(Title just...hit me. So don't ask about it) Hello All! I'm pretty excited to show you all some photos that only family/friends have seen. They're Not like...breathtaking, but I liked them. :) By the way, I didn't edit any of these, and I think only the first one was on flash.

I have a ton of photos of roses, but I wanted to give you guys some variety, so....I hope you enjoyed them!
Tip - I've found that the perfect lighting is before or after it storms. The photos above where taken off and on while it stormed. I've found that it makes your flowers/ect have rain drops on them, and I love, love that. (Will have to show you some more of the rain drop effect) I also love how the photos turn out when you take them before/after a storm. The lighting is not too bright, but not too dark.