Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Can't Think of a Name For This Post.

But, isn't that a name? Hee hee. Hi everyone! Happy Wednesday! I am very happy right now, because I'm not leaving NaNo! Long story. Maybe I should get to the photography. The first four are all pictures I took with my old camera, the one I was talking about in my first post. Jewels, eh?

Like those? And now for my Traveling Smoothie.


                   After. It's a Chocolate Moo'd with an Energy Boost from Jamba Juice! My favorite. :) And I tag Kalk from A Ninja's Cake!
So here's my tip. It is on slow shutter speeds. Or, whatever it's called. My dad uses it sometimes, mostly around 4th of July. It slows the shutter while taking the picture so it gives the picture a really cool affect. If I ever come across a pic or two of his, I'll put 'em up. Hope you enjoyed this very boring post! Bye!


  1. i love them especially the last one! you can check out my fail of a traveling smoothie at a couple posts down!

  2. Hey, I was right. I knew you were going to tag Kalc. And pretty pictures by the way. I especially like the third one.


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