Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Little Things Called Blogs

Hey everyone! Costello here with another installment of, 'Costello and-' wait... this isn't my fictional TV show. This is a blog! A photography blog. What was I thinking? *facepalm* I came up with the title as I was listening to 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' by Queen (one of my favorite bands ever!). Okay, maybe I should get to what I'm really here for and save the randomness for the weekends. :) So! Here are five more pictures, almost all of them I haven't done anything to, except for the fourth one.

 Now for my tip. Find what you are most comfortable photographing. For me, I'm more comfortable with flowers and such because they're rather hard to mess up, as with people it's easy to mess up. I also like going close up, or getting in the flower's bubble. I like how it focuses on the flower and making the background all unfocused. Find your style. Those are my tips for today, and remember, these tips are coming from our point of view. We are not professionals, so don't quote us. Thanks! Hope you liked them!


  1. At least half of my blog titles come from songs...Yeah...

  2. I love them Cossy! I love your tip as well, I agree with it completely! I love the 4th one, I love how there is some light off to the side, and then it's dark on the other side. :)

  3. Oh I love your pictures Cos! And your tips are great.

  4. you are such a great photographer!!! omg! now following!, just started it and no where near as good as you, but my writing blog is: and my fashion one is: really appreciate if you checked them out! :) <3 Shelby
    P.S. love the color scheme of your blog!


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