Thursday, July 21, 2011

We-e don't always see things the same-e

Hi! So before I show you my photos for Today, I wanted to thank our followers for following and commenting! We love hearing what you guys think of our work! Also, the title is from a song...I'm not going to tell you which one in till Saturday. :) These photos for today, I just sent into a magazine, so...I'm hoping the mag. likes these more than the other ones I sent in. Let me know what you guys think! Were these a good choice to send in? (It's for a nature thing in the Magazine.)

Today I took some photos....these aren't them, but I think just looking at them on the camera they look pretty good! I shall upload them tomorrow night, maybe! Also, Saturday's post may be a little late, as I have am going upstate for the day...I'll post pictures of my adventure up on Saturday...if you want. Let me know in comments what you think of the photos and if I should post at least 2 photos Saturday of my trip. It's love! You know you want to see what I'm getting up there!
Tip: *NOTE* I am not a pro at this, so please don't quote me! But be sure to try them out! *NOTE ENDS* (I don't have any tips, but here's an idea) You could try to focus on the flowers themselves, and/or the background and get only half of the flower(like I did in the last post)(I think photo2). You could blur the background or blur the flower and show off the background? I don't know, I'm sorry, I'm out of tips. *headesk* now I feel bad.


  1. Olive... you are amazing. I really hope that you get these published in that magazine. Hey! Magazine peopl! You ned to publish these because the girl that sent them in deserves it and she's awesome! Okay? Good. And I'd like to see some photos from your trip. :) Any ones are fine. Good job!

  2. These are really good. I really do hope the magazine people take them in. And also I'll PM you my guest post. Today or tomorrow.

  3. <3 the first, third, and fourth ones! :) amazing!


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