Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Time to shine!

(Title just...hit me. So don't ask about it) Hello All! I'm pretty excited to show you all some photos that only family/friends have seen. They're Not like...breathtaking, but I liked them. :) By the way, I didn't edit any of these, and I think only the first one was on flash.

I have a ton of photos of roses, but I wanted to give you guys some variety, so....I hope you enjoyed them!
Tip - I've found that the perfect lighting is before or after it storms. The photos above where taken off and on while it stormed. I've found that it makes your flowers/ect have rain drops on them, and I love, love that. (Will have to show you some more of the rain drop effect) I also love how the photos turn out when you take them before/after a storm. The lighting is not too bright, but not too dark.

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  1. Olive, those are just fantastic. I especially like the second, fourth, and fifth ones. You are an excellent photographer. Keep it up and good job on your first post. :)


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