Saturday, July 23, 2011

Not Who You Were Expecting, Huh?

 Hey. Sorry everyone. Olive couldn't make it today. I dunno why. But here I am! Sorry to disappoint you all. Stuck with me for another post. Boring isn't it? I would think so.
 So today is Saturday. But you probably knew that already. School starts for me in... 18 days? I think. 16 until my mandatory Back-to-School night at my school. I have to waste five dollars on a stupid planner that I'm probably never going to use. My brother didn't use his. My mom said I have to use mine. I'm writing this from the floor in front of my computer. Actually, I'm sitting on the brick next to my fireplace. I have a wireless keyboard I'm watching Juno with my brother and his girlfriend.
 I miss Olive. I know that it's only been a day since I've talked to her, but I wonder what happened to her. I'm tired. And hungry. Not really. Blah blah blah, I'm boring, I know. I guess I'll cut this  post short so I don't kill you all from my boring-ness. I'll be back tomorrow with a more... less-boring. I will be back! And more interesting! Oh, and thank you everyone who is following and all of the views. I hope everyone likes the blog! If you have any suggestions or comments on the blog or about it, post a comment! Share  your thoughts! See ya.

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  1. My school requires us to have a planner. And it's very helpful, or else I would be getting a C or lower in all my classes, which is not good, since I'm usually an A student.


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