Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ollie gets a new sister...kind of.

Well I am very sorry this is so late, I got home around 5ish, and then went with my mom to her friends house and we were gone longer than 15 min. so, I'm kind of tired, but here is the post like promised!

I got up around 5, and after being awake for less than 15 mins, I was shipped out the door. I then sat for 4 hours(with breaks in between) stuck between my dog, and little sister. Now the dog we have is a black lab, so she is pretty good sized, a large dog. She seemed to always be moving. She would wait to lie down in till we were about 10 minutes into the ride(from a break). I'd share a photo of her, but I already have a bunch I am going to share so...Tuesday you shall get one. Remind me!

So after almost getting lost we finally get there. We went 4 hours(we got there about 11:15ish) in the car, 8 of us and a dog, to get another dog! This little pup, is a purebreed Great Dane.

Her full name is Lillian Epic. We had to keep the Epic part, because thats what's on her papers. But we are calling her Lily. :) Lillian just sounded better.

This is her daddy. He was like a giant bear!

This is Lily's mama, she went up to us, and then walked away. This is the only good photo I got of her.

I couldn't find one of Lily's sister, Emily, but here is Macey, who is 3 weeks older than Lily and her sister. (They are 6 weeks, we found out on the way home) Macey didn't really want anything to do with us, but she was soo sweet and nice! Her paws, were HUGE!

Lillian is big for a 6 week older, but you can tell she is only 6 weeks old. She was sitting with my little brother, and decided it was time to eat and started sucking on his ear! Let's just say, he was NOT happy! Lily is very sweet though, and it will be so fun to watch how she grows! I mean she is a Great Dane! She is supposed to be a tiny bit taller than our dinning room table!! Insane! But get this! You guys get to watch as well! (Through photos of course)

 To make this post come even later, Lily decided she needed to cuddle and is now on my lap, and needed water and out before I was even half-way through this post. But it's here. So enjoy!
-Ollie and Lillian

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