Friday, July 29, 2011

Kalc Here!

On Thursday morning, I realised that I had a blog post to write. So here is your blog post. Enjoy it before I throw lemon cake. (Then, enjoy the cake.)

Anyway, so now I'm completely blank on what to write. I used a camera for a very long time. The only problem? It's a video camera. So I wondered what I was doing here on a photography blog. Then I realised, it's the same concept.

To get a good photo is the same as getting a good video. You need high-quality camera, you need to make sure the light doesn't retract or reflect much, you need to find the best shooting position.

So now this post is going to be about lighting because that's the only thing I can actually write about.

The best lighting I find is natural. For some reason, it seems to work best. It makes stuff stand out, and it brings out natural colour and stuff.

Example: (taken with webcam 'cause I'm lazy)

Compare this one(natural lighting) to this one(artificial lighting)
Yes, I know, they're two different images, but you can see the difference

I hoped that, er, helped! (even though this is a bit random.)
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