Saturday, July 30, 2011

Okay! Saturday post!

Well I hope you all like the template! We should have it done even better in a few days! I dont have much to share with you today.

I let my characters roam free today(I write you know) and well....I scared myself because of it.

Um....Cossy wants a post so.....


....what do you guys like to write about?
Is there anyway we could make the blog better?
Do you guys like the blog?
If so whats your favorite part?
If you dont, what do not like about it?
Leave a comment letting us know!

I must run because its a bout to storm, and I'm a bit worried.

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  1. hey! yes, the flower photography contest is for this week and ends next Friday! you can email me your entry to There is a new topic every week!


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