Friday, November 25, 2011

French the Llama it's Been a Long Time!

If you know where 'French the llama' is from, you are my new best friend. If not, PM me. So! Sorry we haven't posted in what... two weeks? Yeah, my bad. I feel terrible. For two weeks, you've had to stare at that thing I posted that I still don't know the name of (if you do, comment or PM me, for I am curious). And I apologize for Ollie and myself. Updates, I guess.
NaNo: I have failed. And not even epically! I know, there's five days left, but I've still failed. My goal, as you may remember, was 10,000. I only wrote like 23 or 2,400. I haven't written in like a week. :( But I'm gonna write after NaNo, then I have this whole master plan for next NaNo and I WILL GET MY BOOK PUBLISHED!!!!! *evil maniacal laughter and hand twirling* Maybe. I mean, I can get it published, but you never know if people will buy it. Great. Now I've just put myself in a sad mood. Poo.
Life: My kittens got fixed last week. Very sad, yet hilarious. Aowyn (bottom, belongs to my brother) has a plastic cone, so when she came come, she stuck to the walls and got her cone stuck on the edges of things. It is very funny. :) Now the other one, Lucy (top, belongs to my mother), has a moldable fabric one or something like that. Here are pictures:

Now, to me, Lucy looks like a prissy lizard. You know, those ones who have those flare thingies that go up to ward off predators or something?
...I had another topic, but I got distracted and now I forgot! Stupid brain. :( Well, that'll be my post for today, hope you don't kill me. So, everyone, be good, write, and have fun!

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