Saturday, September 3, 2011

I. Am. Terrible.

It's true. I really am. I'm really not trying to neglect this blog. But I haven't been on in a few days because... I got in trouble. And I got banned from TV and the computer, so I really didn't have a choice. But I'm back! Starting Monday, thanks to all of you fabulous voters, I am going to start my writing! I really appreciate all of you voting, because I'm really hoping that writing these stories would help to write some more. I started a few days ago, but I've stopped again. And so sorry about the guest bloggers. School's started, and it's tearing them away from blogging. Really sucks. I promise, we'll have one next Friday. Okay? Promise. On my life. And maybe I'll get Olive to maybe post a little something for all of you viewers that are left. If there are any...


  1. I'm still reading Cos!And I'm sure everyone else is too don't worry.

  2. I'm still reading, it's just well school. It divides everyone's time so there's not enough time to go on the computer now days.


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