Saturday, June 29, 2013

Dark pictures for you.

Hi guys! Olive here again! Cossy has returned from a lovely vacation, but I'm giving her a couple more days to recover from sweet bliss.* I know you guys are missing her, mainly because I'm boring, but I think you can survive a couple more random posts. Today is short, but I have a couple images for you guys.

Now, before you guys start wondering, no that is not the sun set (or sun rise for that matter). In fact this was taken right before it stormed, and what you don't see is the top of a roof. I darkened this image, just for the purpose of showing off the tiny piece of sunlight that was left before the sky went dark.

This was taken in the full sun on an afternoon about 2pm. I darkened this as well, to showcase how BRIGHT the sky is, and how the trees indeed have a shadow. 

This was also darkened, and taken shortly after a summer rain. It was darkened VERY little, and only done so to bring out the color a little more, and make the rain drops a little more obvious.

I hope you guys enjoy these images! I sure enjoyed taking them, as always :)
Tune in this week for some special posts! 

P.S. ~ thank you for the comment, I love hearing from you :)

*Cossy was feeling a little sick on the trip home, so she'll join us tomorrow or Monday with a special post.

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