Friday, August 5, 2011

Everdeen Here!

Hi! I’m Rose and I’m guest bloging for Olive and Cossy today! I’m going to tell you about my favorite photo editor. It’s called, after you finish reading this go check it out. The first thing you need to do is pick a picture (Really? No way. I never would have guessed that one). I’m going to use this one for now.
This is one of those pictures that I love how it turned out but I wasn’t posing him or anything. I love those. The only thing I’ve done to it here is cropped it in. Now I’m going to show you how to do my favorite effect, cross process. This is what it looks like after just regular cross processing.

Getting that is very simple, when you go to picnik just click upload photo and upload one from your computer. Or you can upload one from photobucket, picasa, flickr, myspace or facebook by scrolling down below the upload a photo button. Either way it will take you to the edit tab (there’s a row of tabs near the top of your screen) here you can straighten or rotate your photo, if you camera was crooked when you took the picture. There’s also auto-fix but I don’t like that. You can also crop, resize, get rid of red-eye, colors you can use to change the saturation, and change the exposure if your picture came out to light or to dark. When you’re done with these things you get to move onto the fun stuff. Click on the Create tab. Now there’s another row of things below those tabs, you’ll be under featured. These are seasonal features and you can always find them again under the seasonal tab. Right now we’re going to go to effects, the next one over. There’s a lot of fun stuff here, but right now we’re going to find cross process. The first section is called basics, it has black and white, sepia etc. The next section is camera, that’s fun but we want the next section, color. Cross Process is the last effect in that section, click on it and boom! You’ve been cross-processed! But maybe it’s too much, that’s where that little slider thing called fade comes in. It fades the effect into your original. Here’s an example. This is my photo with the fade at 50.

Cool right? Once you get it where you want it, click apply. That leaves you free to do other edits to it. If you decided you don’t want it after all just click cancel. There are a lot of fun things in effects, Heat Map:

Adjustable Threshold:

And lot’s of others, I demand you check them all out later. But now I’m going to real quick tell you about doing text. You’ll see that text is the next over after effects, there’s a box at the top. That’s where you type what you want. Than select a font from the list and click add. This will add it in white, and probably the wrong size too, to your picture. Use the box around the words to change size, and the editing box that popped up to change color and fade. There are a lot of really great fonts so have fun!

Once your done editing your picture click on the save and share tab at the top of your page. You can save you picture to your computer, twitter, or anywhere you uploaded from. You can also email it.
I hope this long somewhat rambling post helped you! And if you have any questions about picnik you can either PM me on NaNo YWP, if you’re on there (I know a lot if not all of you are), my username is Everdeen. Or you can tell Cos or Olive, they know how to contact me. I’ll try to help but I’m not a professional either, so I can’t promise anything. Now go have fun with your pictures!


  1. OMW! You changed the blog! I haven't clicked over from my reader since the poll went up (yes I do know that wasn't that long ago). I looks awesome! I look good in a blog post. And I already got an amazing *cough*thesecondonewasme*cough* and two well spokens. I'm that cool.

  2. I LOVE Picnik. I do fan art (lots and lots of fan art...) and that's all I use.


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