Thursday, August 4, 2011

I'm a bit early, but who cares?

Hello! Today I am going to show you what I call, the Raindrop Effect. The image below is natural. As you can see there are raindrops on it! I love, love this Effect! You see besides wanting to start my life off with photography, I want to capture rain in a way that will blow minds. But I don't know how. So in till I can find a way to capture rain in the way I want it to, I do what I call the Raindrop Effect. It captures rain, and something beautiful as well!

This next image was edited, and all I really did was darken the leaves and bring out the light in the photo, and...I love it. It is one of my favorites!

You can do the Effect on more than just leaves! Roses, other flowers, pretty much anything! So my tip/saying for the day, is: When you look outside and see thats its raining don't sigh and wish for the sun to come out, simply grab your camera and in between the rain and moments of non-rain take photos! The Effect is simply beautiful and I love it so much! That is why I'm sharing it with you guys! Don't look down on rain, look up to rain! Rain can be more than just a muddy, sad, dark day. It can be happy and full of light too! All you have to do is get that jewel out of the dirt! By simply taking a photo.

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  1. Fantastic Olive. I really like this post. It's probably my favorite so far! Keep up the good work and you'll get far in your career. :)


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