Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Really Hard Coming up With Titles for These Things.

  It is! If you have a blog, you'll most likely know what I'm talking about. And guess what everyone? If you have been keeping count like I have, (creepy...) tomorrow is...? That's right! My first day of school. I'm hopefully gonna have fun. Plus, being on the yearbook committee is good for a budding photographer like me. I'm bringing my camera. And if I forget my pencil (long story, inside joke, you know the whole bit) I'll have to wash my teacher's car. :( But with school starting means I'll have less time to blog, but, for the sake of our viewers, I will consistently take photographs so I can please your daily photography needs! Now, on with it!

  The picture of the tree I actually took at my school. It was pretty cool. Hey! I rhymed! How awesome! Okay, back to the post. Today's tip isn't really a tip, more of a suggestion. Do you ever see like at grocery stores and such they have bouquets of roses, vases of several different flowers? Well, those are also a good opportunity to get some good shots. Whenever I go to the store and see those arrangements, I kick myself for not bringing my camera. Oh, and florist shops are great too. That is, if you like photographing flowers like me. But, just a thought! Let me know what you guys think, be sure to vote on the side, if you have any questions leave a comment, yeah. Good! All done. Bye!


  1. Oh wow. Those are all great, but I'm completely in love with the second one. I have a weakness for good pictures of roses since there my favorite flower, but I really love that one.

  2. Oh, and you've won something, Olive, and Cos. Go here to see what you won.


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