Friday, August 12, 2011

Jack Renegade Here!

Hi, everybody...Jack Renegade here. Um, I'm the guest blogger for Cossy and Olive.

I enjoy photography, but there's two reasons why I don't do it often; one, I'm not very good at it, and two, I don't have that much time on my hands to do it.

I prefer taking photos of either nature or animals. They're just so much more interesting than's some pictures of my dog and my cat. Oh, and some bumblebees. German Shepherd, as you can probably tell, doesn't like pictures. She thinks you're going to shoot her or something.

Anyway...back on topic. I don't rely on editing my photos to make them look good, or waiting for just the right moment to take the photo. I rely on perspective.

For instance, the pictures of the red rose and the stinging nettle below.

With the rose, it was a complicated procedure...I had to lie down in the beauty bark where my mom plants the roses, arch my head back, and snap the photo. XP Yeaaahhh. Did you know that beauty bark is sharp? I do.

The nettle was easier. I just got into a half-crouch and shot the photo. But to me, the hard work pays off in the end, because it's fun to look at your photos and feel smug about what a good job you did. XD



That's about it.

Jack Renegade, signing out.

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  1. Your cat looks just like mine! And all the pictures are great (the one of your dog actually looks really cute and funny) but I love the one of the rose.


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