Sunday, August 21, 2011

No! I Almost Forgot!

I am so sorry. I almost forgot that today was Sunday and it's my day to post. I've had a lot going on these past few days. Yesterday, I went on an overnight camping trip/ birthday party for two of my friends.It was really fun. That's what I was doing, just to let you know. So I was thinking that I could do a sort of questionnaire for this post. I'll come up with some questions, and if any of our viewers (all of you wonderful people reading this post right now) have any more questions, just leave a comment!

What is your favorite color? I have 3. Blue, red, and lime green. :)
What is your favorite book? That's really tough. I really like series, like the Inkheart trilogy, Harry Potter (of course) and I'm getting into The Hunger Games right now, just finished book two. :D
What is your favorite subject in school? Lunch. Just kidding. Not really. I also like Language Arts, mainly the reading and writing parts.
What is your favorite movie? Hm... that's a toughie. One movie that I will never turn down would have to be the new Speed Racer. I am in love with that movie.
What is your favorite book genre? Fiction, mainly. Fiction, science fiction, and fantasy. Those also go with my writing.
Who invented the cotton gin and the phonograph? Eli Whitney and Thomas Edison. I don't see why that's relevant, but...
What is your favorite shoe brand? Converse. All the way. Especially All-Stars. And hi tops. I can only wear high tops.
Have you won a spelling bee? I almost did. Lost on the first word after days of practice. I was practicing the hard words!
Have you met a published author? Yes, actually, I have. I'm not sure if many people know who she is though. In the fifth grade, I won an essay/poster contest for going green. My essay got first place, and as an award I got a book, and I got it signed by the author, Sandy Holman I think it was. She was a very nice lady.

...And that wraps up the interview! Remember, if any of you have more questions, please leave a comment. Have fun!

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