Thursday, August 18, 2011

Suprise Guest Blogger!

Hey everyone, Costello here. No, I'm not the guest blogger. I'm part of this blog, duh. :) No, but to fill in for today, we have an extra guest blogger! This girl was very nice to whip up a quick blog post at the last minute. So, ladies and gentlemen... Jay!


Hey it's Jay from And Cos has asked me to fill in today for Olive. Because of stuff....
And well I don't have much to talk about, but maybe a random poem of mine. And I shall call this one Goodbye?

Rose has a purple heart
You have a dart
Six people only know
The tragedy that show
It was into the night
Before it started getting new
An apple lay on the floor
As the ball drew to a close
Death is near
I can hear it from my ear
And I must say goodbye
As she starts to share a lullaby
Thank you, Jay. You're awesome! Have a good day everyone!
-Cos and Jay

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