Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Agh! I Can't Believe I Forgot. *facepalm*

So sorry. I seriously didn't mean to. I forgot about yesterday. At least I'm doing it today! Yay for make-ups! Not makeup. I don't like that stuff. Blech. Okay, first with my story, then my pictures. :)


We were sitting there, Kelly and I. The sun was beating down on our sunscreen covered faces, our ice cream melting on our hands, chocolate for me, and mint chocolate chip for my friend. Occasionally we would look at each other and smile, or giggle a bit. Other than that, we would just sit on the rusty old swing set outside of the run-down school. We used to go there when were just little kids. We first met in preschool, on this very swing set.
   It was my first day of school, never been here, never even been in school. I was nervous as heck, slowly walking around the playground. I spotted the swing set, shiny navy blue poles, bright red leather seats, it all looked very inviting. The only thing was there was another girl occupying the one of the two seats. I wasn’t too sure about going up and taking a seat, so I turned around, my hands twirling in front of me. I really liked swings, but I was too shy. Eventually, I overcame my fears and walked up to the girl. Her dark brown hair was lightly swaying, wearing a light red shirt, and shorts, her little legs pumping for more momentum. She stopped when I stood in front of her, and she smiled.
   “Hi,” she said, getting off the swing and holding out her hand. “I’m Kelly. What’s your name?”
   I stammered, staring at her hand. I took a deep breath and said, “I’m Nikki.” I shook her hand and she sat back on the swing. That was the beginning of a very long friendship.

   I snapped back to the present. I grabbed Kelly’s hand, smiling, and we walked away, reminiscing once more. I don’t bother to wonder what would’ve happened if we hadn’t met.

That may seem a bit familiar to some NaNoers, because this is the story that I entered in the NaNo YWP July contest (which lost, of course). Let me know what you think! And now, on to my pictures.

I took those all yesterday. :D Thank you all for your time! Have a good day!

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