Thursday, September 8, 2011

I'm on Time! A Bit Late, But at Least I'm on Time! On the Day, That is...

      Wow. That is a really long title. And excuse me for any spelling or grammar mistakes, I'm on my mom's laptop and the keys are very sensitive. Stupid laptop. So! On to my photography post for today. :D Man, just like the old times...

I also took these the day before yesterday, on the same day of the pictures in yesterday's post. Wow, I type fast. :) Sorry, off topic. I tend to do that a lot. I often branch off into different directions in the middle of a conversation, but I almost always end up remembering what I was talking about earlier, considering I have a terrible memory. Argh! See?! I'm doing it again! Okay, back to photography. That was a really long sentence... Ack! Okay, now for my tip. Here it is: Sunsets and sunrises are a good photo opportunity. That's the tip I used for these pictures and yesterday's. It really adds a nice glow. Thanks for your time! Hope you enjoyed!


  1. those are all great, but I love love LOVE the first two.

  2. Wow these are amazing. The sun does add a nice natural effect to them.


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