Friday, September 16, 2011

Another Guest Blogger!

Hello everyone! Sorry for a very uneventful week. I've been very very busy. Thankfully, my friend Neso on NaNo remembered that they had a blog post on here, when I totally spaced, so yeah! Here it is!

Oh hello, I’m Neso; you may know me as invisible_ninja and/or the mind behind . If you don’t know me, well then, it’s very nice to meet you!

So today I’ve been called to come before you to stand behind you, to tell you something I know nothing about… KIDDING! I’m going to talk to you about WRITING.

It’s really hard to get started sometimes, and it’s really hard to finish other times, and sometimes the middle just doesn’t seem to be working. Trust me, I’ve been there.

So how, then, exactly can you write anything when everything seems to be blocking you?

Well, I have a solution for that! Multiple solutions, actually. More solutions=more fun! You may already know some of these solutions (or all of them), but it can’t harm to reiterate, can it?

Solution One: Ninja-Watch (known by the less popular name of somewhat-stalking)

Go to a public place. Right now. Go. If you can. Finish reading this post first. Or do whatever you “need” to do, like homework, or eating. Psh. You don’t need that!

But the thing is, when you get the chance, just go and observe people. Observe the place you’re in. Whatever. Jot down everything you deem noteworthy-who knows? Maybe you’ll get a really great idea for writing!

Solution Two: Prompts

I’m fairly sure you’ve all done at least ONE prompt in your lifetime, if not more. English teachers in particular seem to like it. And why wouldn’t they? It gives you an idea when your idea well has run dry.

So here are some prompts to get you started:

♦Describe something from the point of view of an inanimate object. Even go through a day in its life.

♦Oh no! Your house is about to be covered with orangey, glowing plasma! What do you do?

♦There’s something odd happening that’s linked to the new girl in school…Plus, what’s up with the computer lab?

♦Start a story with the word “BOOM!” Then say what went on from there.

Solution Three: Chaotic Shiny

Or Seventh Sanctum, or Nine French boys, or whatever generator you wish. Chaotic Shiny is my personal favorite. It has a generator for almost anything under the sun, from topics of songs to sci-fi and fantasy traps to market layouts. It’s given me many a good idea.

So, I hope you can find something in the gibberish I just wrote that is useful to you! To finish off my post, here are some pictures:


Wasn't that awesome? Thank you so much, Neso! Be sure to follow the blog posted above! Everyone, have a good day! :D

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