Thursday, September 22, 2011

Geez, I'm Terrible.

It's a Thursday, and I haven't posted since Sunday. I'm so bad. I'm letting down the few readers I have. This is no way to maintain a stable blog! Argh, I gotta get back on top! Erm, I mean on top of posting. I guess, since I'm using my mom's laptop, which means I don't have any pictures on it, I'll just do a random post, possibly a story, if I find some inspiration. That may come in a post later this evening. Possibly. Lately, I've been listening to a lot of Beatles, ever since the kid next to me in English was singing Hey Jude under his breath. Good times... My favorite song right now would have to be Yesterday. 'Cause I believe in yesterday! Yeah! That was bad... *scratches head nervously* I'm not very sure what to post about. Hold on, I'm going to ask my fellow NaNo friends what to talk about. Please hold.

They tell me I should talk about CC. CC stands for Character Chatzy. Chatzy is this chatroom website, and we made one for our characters! What we do, is we log in as a character in one of our many, unfinished stories and sort of... roleplay! But with lots more drama. :D And I'm not really one for drama, but it's not me. It's Cody, my charrie. He's handling all of it for me. I just sort of... guide him along. And he actually doesn't hate me, like most characters hate their authors. He doesn't hate me because I got him together with Ash, my friend Jessa's charrie, now his future wife. They're engaged. We use the author chat to plan out all of what's going to happen in CC, most of the time as things are going on at that moment. Very time-consuming. Not really. You've really gotta keep up. Reggie knows, poor girl. Well, I'll stop this post. I can tell I'm boring you all already. You miss Olive, huh? I know I do. You know what? I'm going to make a poll. No, she'll never see it. I haven't talked to her in a long time. I miss her. Well, goodbye everyone! Tomorrow is another guest blogger! Be sure to tune in! Or, something like that. Whatever. Just check periodically! Bye!

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