Friday, September 30, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday!

Today's another one! This wonderful Friday, we have my good friend Sudsy (Soap6644 on NaNo). He agreed to write a blog post for me! I'm glad he did, because it's really good. So, everyone, please give a round of applause to... Sudsy!
Writing. Writing is an escape from reality. No matter how bad things get in the real world, you have your own world that you can retreat into. You can make this world perfect, or worse than the worst moment in our history.

This world has its own problems. These often represent problems in the present world, and the author is expressing their opinion in a way that grabs at the attention of the reader. There never was a good story without a problem of some sort. The characters must have some sort of challenge to overcome. These challenges come in infinite varieties, a common one is war.

Another thing is perspective. Using war as an example, you can have a vast number of perspectives. From a soldier on the front lines to a peasant who's life is affected very slightly, everyone has an interesting tale to tell!

This world, to me at least, is somewhere to which I can, and often do, escape to. It's just so amazing and fun to be in charge of your own little world, and I always want to expand mine!

I thought that was very good. But now, I must dash off, I'm at my mom's work for the day because at my school, we get days off to go and do something, like go to a museum or job shadow someone of anything like that. I'm using her work computer because her laptop won't connect to the Internet, so I have to go, 'cause she's gotta get back to work. Have a good day everyone!

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  1. That was really good, I really enjoyed reading it. And Cos, I have a question for you, should I PM you if I want to guest post again? I think I PMed Olive last time, or should I email you or something?


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