Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Guess who!!

Olive here!!!

*looks around and breaths in deeply* awh it feels good to be home!

It's been long, and hard, and full of stress BUT I will be coming back soon..

you see. I've recently moved.
And I had my computer put under restriction by aliens. Whom forgot the password that made it so I couldn't have Internet...which when I finally (cause I'm stubborn) decided to get Internet....they um...couldn't get in. So....they spent the money and got in today! Tonight! About 40 mins ago!!

And here I am!!

Oh I cant wait to get this thing bac-----I'd like to thank Cossy for doing a WONDERFUL job with the fact....this blog is pretty much her's now...=) And I LOVE it!! Oh my! I love it soooooo much!!!
THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH COSTELLO!!!!!!!!! You don't know how much this means to me!!!!

Anyways.....=) Here is my idea...please leave comments(if I don't get back right away do not freak out okay?):
What if Cossy kept this blog? and I made another one? I'm thinking I could guest on this one say once a week, and mine be a cooking blog. You see I have to make lunch everyday now, and I could take a picture of what is in the food and the final project, ect. I already plan on asking my parents if I can do this(as it will make me want to actually cook lunch?) so...if you all say no its fine. :) just an idea.....

Anyways.....Its good to be back!! I hope you are alll doing well!!

And night! I have to get up at 7/8 to do my walk with the fam....hills suck.

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  1. Olive! Your back! Sort of. But great to here from you again! That would be cool, I'd read it!


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