Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today is a day of remembrance. For most, it is for the 10th anniversary of the terrible event on 9/11. I, for one, was too young to remember it, yet I am still wearing my 9/11 t-shirt. I would like to thank all of the families of the victims for staying strong after 10 years without your loved ones. I'd also like to thank the survivors of 9/11, especially the firemen and such. You all have a great place in my heart. Thank you. For me, however, the remembrance is about my grandmother on my mother's side. Earlier this afternoon/evening, she found a video that my grandma made a month and a half before she died. My mom wanted me to know what she looked like, and I cried. She was beautiful. She died two years before I was even born. I love you, Grandma.

On a happier note, I had a pretty good day. Well, except for right now. I'm watching the footage from the whole day... It's horrible. The first time I've seen it. Words just can't explain all the pain and anger that happened that dreadful day. I am so sorry. I guess I'll leave this post like this. Goodbye, everyone. I love you all.

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