Monday, October 24, 2011

Thought I'd share....

....My desk and what not!
I showed Cossy this a while back, and decided to share my shelf. And desk. and yeah! Enjoy folks!

On the chair is my writing binder, the binder on the desk is now the binder that has all my ideas in it, my laptop is reflecting a lamp, the horse thing in the back i got for my b-day last year. I have a box full of pens, 2 library books that i returned that day, headphones, phone, highlighter, pens everywhere, paper everywhere, and  my calendar. (Today it has nothing on it, but a stack of books in the corner by my keepsake box(horses), a notebook that I hold words I don't/do know in, a book called A Guide to Writing your Novel, and a thing of green papers! Yay!)

Look a thesaurus! Okay starting from the left....My writing binder, which holds ideas, randomness, completed work, some not. Next just has random stuff in it for now. The one with 'paint' on it is holding all the ideas I want to work on later next year. The one with the yellow on it is my Anaklusmos binder aka my novel. Then I have like 3 half-empty notebooks, 2 full notebooks (ideas, & poems) and a thesaurus. One top of all this, is my new idea notebook, as my old one is now pretty much full!

Thats it for today! Hope you enjoy getting a piece of my life!

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