Thursday, August 2, 2012


Heyo! Olive here! This shall be a small post as I have not only forgotten to make this post (shame on me) but also forgot what time it was! I was going to post some pictures but I'm not sure if I'll have time so for now let's talk about books!

I went to Goodwill today. Which I don't really like but when your family doesn't have much money that is the store you are stuck with. Plus it does help that I don't know many name brands. Anyways, I ended up with a pair of jeans, 2 shirts and 3 books!

  1. Eragon
  2. The Lovely Bones
  3. That Summer
I've read both Eragon and The Lovely Bones but not That Summer. The author of That Summer is Sarah Dessen and she is an amazing writer. Dreamland (also by Dessen) is by far one of my favorite (and unowned) books, as well as Just Listen. Both are amazing and beautifully written!

Christopher Paolini, author of The Inheritance Cyble (Eragon) is also an amazing writer! He was only 15 when he published Eragon AND it started out as something he had self-published! This kid is amazing! He takes a simple (or not so simple!) set of characters and brings them to life! He creates a world so magical you can get lost in it for hours! And that is something I love about books. And if the writer can pull it off then welcome to my world of favorites!

I've only read one book by Alice Sebold. The Lovely Bones. And I must say! She is amazing! It is such a thrilling novel~ Told from Susie's point of view from heaven, you not only get a taste of life above but of life after the death of a loved one. I found the book to be inspiring and if you haven't read it I encourage you do so!

In fact I encourage you read Eragon as well, plus Just Listen and Dreamland as I have yet to read That Summer. No images tonight but I will have some up this weekend! Hope you all enjoyed this and have a good evening. 

P.S. What are some of your favorite books? Do you have any you'd recommend for me or Cossy to read? Of course we both have a huge different taste in books. 


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