Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Surprise Announcement!

Hello, readers!
In honor of this blog's one-year anniversary and our almost 100th post, Olive and I have decided to have a contest! Yes, our very first actual contest! Here are some guidelines:
  • The contest ends at 12:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on Wednesday, August 8th, so all entries must be submitted before then.
  • Keep it appropriate.
Here is the entry form you must use:

Subject: 100th Post Submission
Your Blog (Optional):
Type of entry (Poem, Short Story, Photograph):
Title of Entry:
Description of Entry:
Word Count/Size:

There you go! Email that form to Olive and I will be judging your entries and the winner will be announced around 11 a.m. PST on Thursday, August 9th.

Hold on a sec, there! Did you think that we wouldn't reward you for your fabulous entry? Of course not! The lucky winner or our 100th Post Contest will be featured on our blog and a post will be written about the person's entry and a link to their blog if they have one. The winner can also choose up to two of the following:
  • A poem written by Olive
  • A short story written by me
  • An icon for your blog or anything (I'm new to the whole in-depth computer creating things and such, so please bear with me)
  • A few links to sites that can help make your blog look pretty, including some HTML coding How-To sites
  • A guest post on our blog
And there you have it, folks! Sorry we don't have better prizes, but perhaps sometime in the future?

Good luck, and have fun! And thank you for any submissions. :)


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