Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Me Again!

Hi there! Olive can't post today, so here I am!
So, none of you have entered the contest yet! :( You should! Just fill out this form:

Subject: 100th Post Submission
Your Blog (Optional):
Type of entry (Poem, Short Story, Photograph):
Title of Entry:
Description of Entry:
Word Count/Size:

And you're all set!

There are prizes, too! You can get two of the following:

  • A poem written by Olive
  • A short story written by me
  • An icon for your blog or anything (I'm new to the whole in-depth computer creating things and such, so please bear with me)
  • A few links to sites that can help make your blog look pretty, including some HTML coding How-To sites
  • A guest post on our blog

  • And for winning, we will write a blog post about you and your entry, and if you allow us to we will showcase your entry for everyone to see! And we will link your blog in the post.

    Sorry for the not-so-good prizes, but that's all we can supply. Au revoir! Have fun entering!



    1. What is the theme for the whole contest though?

      1. There isn't a theme, really. We just thought it would be fun to have a contest.


    2. Dude!... You've been nominated. xD Check it out here: http://thatriot.blogspot.com/2012/08/so-youve-been-nominated.html


    Thank you for leaving a comment!