Tuesday, August 21, 2012

This is a rather special post.

It was about a year ago, on July 16th, that Photography43 and Costello_Shields decided to create a blog together.

Then, they had other ideas of what this blog was going to be like. The two of them discovered that the other liked to write and take pictures, but at the beginning it was just a photography blog until one of them decided to integrate some writing into the picture (pun intended).

Things have happened. Posts have been missed, templates have been changed, hiatuses have been long and un-postful, and then there were joyous reunions and wonderful readers. These two bloggers have gone through many words and pictures, and they would like to thank everyone who has been there from the beginning, and those of you who might've just found the blog today. They couldn't have made it to 100 posts without their wonderful viewers.

Thank you, and Happy 100th Post.


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