Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Three things.

Olive here!
First off – Our 100th post Contest winner is – here.You can view the winner’s entry – here.
Second - I have been working on a small project that I’d like to share with you guys if you’d like to be a part of it. It’s a 20 day long process, and its writing related. Pretty much, for each day there are three sentences, and 3 sense cards. (From – The Writer’s Toolbox) I'll post the three sentences, what they are for, the 3 cards, here for you if you'd like. Your job is to write something based on either all three sentences, or all 3 cards, OR write something based off of all the items that will be listed. I'll try to make everything set up ahead of time for you guys, and I'll post for the first 5 days, and if you guys like it then, leave a comment and I'll add the other days! Once we're out of days, and you guys still (oh wow) want to keep getting promotes, then be sure to leave some comments on some theme ideas for each day! I would really need the help by that point in time! 
Third - Cossy and I one an award 0_0 From this lovely blog, and unfortunately I don't have time to do everything the award requires, so I shall do it tomorrow and post it for you guys! Thank you by the way for dealing with our absents! Cossy and I both are very busy with a new school year! Once we get used to everything we will be back up with the posting! Which will hopefully be very soon!

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