Saturday, July 16, 2011

*clears throat* Oh hello.

*stars long boring speech* I'm Olive. *clears throat again* I'm not too good at this, so bare with me. *smiles shyly* Since you must know a bit about me, I like to write, swim, play soccer/softball, and read. I also love photography. So much in fact that I plan to become a professional. One day. Hopefully. That is also one reason why I created this blog. So I can watch myself, and my friends grow in their work. *smiles again* I'm hoping that one day we will look back on this, a few years from now, when we have had a ton of guest bloggers, and learned so many new tips our self, as well as our readers, and we will be shocked. In the changes. Of our work and our love for this thing we love to do. Photography.

*clears throat* Now that I have said that...mind blowing piece, let me talk a bit on how this is going to work. On Mondays and Wednesdays Costello, my wonderful friend, and co-owner/partner, will post some of her work and maybe some tips. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I will post some of my work and maybe some tips. On Fridays we are hoping to have a guest share some of their work and some tips. Now this is all a work in progress and may take some time for us to set up and get started. So again bare with me.

*swallows and looks at notes* We may be changing the template in the future, so if you happen to stop by and the place is a mess, please, again, bare with us. It will soon be either back to normal or at least straightened up.

Our main goal is to give you art to look at and enjoy, and maybe some tips for you, if you too are a photographer. And even if we don't reach anyone, we, Cos and I, will enjoy our work, and will enjoy teaching each other new things, as we both learn more about photography.

*smiles* Thank you for listening. See you all Tuesday! *bows and leaves*

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  1. Hey can I be a guest blogger?


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