Monday, October 15, 2012

Hey, Guys!

Hey! So, uh, I see that no one has entered our wonderful contest yet. Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? We love looking at all of your lovely pictures. :) Sorry we can't offer any better prizes, but maybe sometime in the future?

I'm going to re-post the rules, 'kay?

Autumn/Fall Photography Contest

Take a picture of what you think represents fall. Pumpkins? Go for it! The colors of the trees? Halloween costumes? Whatever you like!


  • Keep it appropriate
  • Limit one picture per person, or entry
  • The deadline is October 31, 2012. We will extend it if not enough people enter.
  • Have fun!
Prizes: Any two of these *
  • Blog icon using safe pictures, free of royalties
  • A poem by Olive
  • A story written my me or Olive
  • A printed photograph of any picture Olive or I have taken, autographed, if you're okay with it.
  • Some blog-editing sites, including tutorials to add fancy schmancy things and backgrounds and such.
  • Guest post (if you want) (we can link your blog in the post)**
  • Promo for a week or so on the side of our blog**
  • A drawn picture of anything you want, by either Olive or me.
  • Anything else you guys can think of!
And that's about it! Send your entries to with 'October Photo Contest Submission'. Also, email us if you have any questions about what to take pictures of, or if you have any question/comments/concerns about anything on the blog!

Good luck, guys!


*Any of the story/writing prizes can be written by both Olive and me, if you so choose.
**These are already yours when you win, if you wish to accept them.


  1. This sounds fun. ^.^
    I'll try to take pictures sometime this week, so I can enter.


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