Sunday, October 7, 2012

It's that time of year again...

It's almost winter time! Sort of...

First comes fall of course. And with the change of the leaves I bring you a contest. To be more specific a photography contest.

Theme: the best picture you think personifies autumn; trees, people, scarves, pumpkins, ect. and/or anything that presents winter.

Deadline: Halloween (a costume could be an interesting photo), October 31, 2012

Rules: No inappropriate images please, one submission per person, and of course, no images sent after the 31st.

Prize: guest post, a poem, (possibly badly) drawn picture draw by Cossy or me, a short story (written by Cossy or me), a photo of anything you wish (maybe something we've already posted here? We are willing to ship copies of pictures if you are willing), and anything else you wonderful people can think of.

I realize that our last contest kind of...failed. BUT, I think that this one will be more...oh what's the word...better? Eh. Either way, Cossy and I are a bit excited about this, and look forward to what you guys submit! So please, submit away!

-submit to our email - random_bloggers43(at)yahoo(dot)com
-put in the title - October Photo Submission - please.


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