Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Turn!

My writing post for today! It took me a long time to come up with an idea, but I finally got one. Hopefully.

   "Okay, how about these: Noble, blue, elegant, and sports?" my friend Olivia says, looking up from the laptop in her lap. I sigh and lay down on my bed, my laptop next to me. The four words run through my head, trying to find other words that can piece them together to make some sense. I sit up with a single sentence in my head.
   "A queen in an elegant blue dress shot someone at a rugby match. How does that sound?" I picked up my laptop and opened Word, which would most likely just sit there, untouched, while I cruise some other site. Olivia laughs and starts typing away at her keyboard. "I know, I'm not making any progress," I mumble, setting down my laptop and springing off my bed.
   Olivia puts down her laptop as well and stands next to me, stretching her cramped legs. "You know," she says, looking at me with half of a serious look on her face, "you do have to come up with something soon. It is your day, and you don't want to keep those hungry viewers waiting for very long. One of them could be some super-genius and use your IP to track you down with a bunch of angry villagers with pitchforks and torches." She grinned at me and walked past, hopping loudly down the stairs.
   I slipped on my slippers and slowly shuffled after her, mumbling to myself, "Yeah, the few viewers we actually have.
   Later that day, she did finally come up with an idea, but it was rather short. For that girl, ladies and gentlemen, was me about a half-hour ago.


That's ma post! Don't hate! Okay, have a good day/evening/morning/ whatever everyone!

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