Monday, October 10, 2011

So very late!

So today shall be a writing post, cause I'm late. Which I'm sorry about. I meant to do it after dinner, but the library site got in the way. So very sorry! Anyways here goes nothing:

Maria was reading when he came in. Adam laid down next to her and glanced at the book. "Whats up?" He asked, as he gently pulled the blue cord that went to her headphones. Seeing him, she smiled. "shouldn't you be with my brother?
"eh. Bothering you is funnier." He returned the smile and for a moment they listened to the sound coming from the earbud. "I feel like a hero and you are my heroine," He said from memory as the song restarted. She looked at him, almost a bit suprised. He gently pushed away a strand of hair and placed it behind her ear. Maria blushed slightly and tried to find her place in her book. For the whole song Adam softly sang the song to her, whispering into her ear.

Maria's best friend Lia,  was also at the house, and had just gotten out of the bathroom. She paused when she reached the door. Seeing the boy she had a major crush on whispering to her best friend, who apperntly wanted nothing do with the boy. She watched them, unsure what to do.

When the song had ended, Maria paused the song and quoted the lyrics. "I've got a closet full to the brim with the ghosts of my past and the skeletons, and I don't know why you'd even try but I wont lie, you caught me off gaurd...."

Adam smiled at her and ran a hand down her cheek.

"I feel like a newborn child every time I get a chance to see you smile, it's not complicated,"
He stopped her from going on, by touching her lips with his own. She didn't even have time to blush as her mind went numb, the emotions taking over and wrapping themselfs around her mind. She felt warm and giddy. She wanted to laugh, and when he pulled away she grinned at him. He grinned back and kissed her again.

Lia covered her mouth and ran from the room. Tears streamed down her face, as she ran out the door. Trying to hold back her shock, her pain, her hurt, her anger at her one and only friend, she started running.

Yeah so thats lame.
Lyrics from Hero/Heroine - boys like girls. =) Found it on my Zune today during history...lets just say its been on repeat all day.

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