Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Not To... Steal Olive's Thunder or Anything...

I'm real sorry. I was super busy yesterday and I just couldn't find time to make a post. And so I'm doing it today, not to try and steal Olive's thunder, because her post was beautiful. So I took 3 of these pictures a few minutes ago, in between the rain, because it was raining when I got home from school, then stopped a while ago, then when I was taking pictures, it started to sprinkle, and now it's pouring and my dad's gonna go to my brother's school to pick him up from football practice while I'm sitting here in my pajamas and in my warm house. Haha, brother! Then the others I took a while ago.

Brr, cold and wet. Not so fun. I just might make myself some coffee... So, my tip! And my good friend Olive most likely agrees with it. A good photo opportunity arises right after a rain, when the flowers have raindrops nestled on their petals and stems, thick, green leaves holding water until they're about to spill... always good. Just don't get your camera wet! Those are some wise words... Well, goodbye everyone! Stay dry and warm, or, if it's summer for you, keep cool and hydrate!

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